Day in the Life of a Cadet

Check out our Virtual Day in the Life of an Army Cadet (DILARC)!

PRT (Physical Readiness Training) 

Cadets form up at or near the armory on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. PRT is to help maintain battalion physical fitness and morale.

PRT 20%
After PRT Cadets and their DILARC participants will go to breakfast at one of UIUC's many dining halls, such as the Newman Center, Ikenberry and many more!
Breakfast 40%
Class Time

During this part of the day, DILARC participants will fallow their designated cadets to their respective classes and roles on campus. This is a great chance to see UIUC's beautiful campus!

Class Time 60%
Back to the Armory

After a day of classes, DILARC participants will come back to the armory to participate in events such as the smokeless range, fitness events, and many more! On Thursdays during this time, Cadets participate in our weekly lead-lab!

Back to the Armory 80%
After Class

After the day ends, DILARC participants will go home, but Cadets will either continue working, participate in ROTC clubs such as Ruck Club and Rifle Club, or have the opportunity to join an RSO or fraternity! The opportunities are endless!

After Class 100%